Outlook: Diana Scholz & Janice Chow

Working Towards “One World. One Health”

“I help make a difference by communicating around the topic of Public Health, raising awareness, building understanding and thus making clear that we need to work together.”

Diana Scholz, Head of Communications with Environmental Science at Bayer


Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and malaria are particularly cruel: Many who suffer already live in poverty or with low incomes. Because of the diseases, they can’t go to work or school, or even manage their lives. NTDs can also bring massive stigmatization on whole families. On top of this, millions of people die from vector-borne diseases – and a very significant number of them are children. 

There is a huge need to tackle the humanitarian challenge we have in fighting NTDs and malaria. Tremendous progress has already been made since 2012, the year of the second London Declaration, an international partnership between the private and public sector to combat NTDs. But the challenge is to mobilize greater capital in support of WHO’s goal to control or eliminate 10 NTDs by 2020. This year, Bayer joined the World Malaria Summit and, together with members of the agriculture industry, committed to provide innovative vector control solutions to help eradicate malaria by 2040. The industry collaboration is coordinated by the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) and supported by its funders including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since 2000, there has been unprecedented progress in the fight against malaria; deaths have been cut by 60 percent, saving almost 7 million lives. Greater awareness through more communication can help to keep this trend going.


“I'm passionate about addressing public health topics because we're talking about real lives. Through collaboration we help support better lives for people and animals.“

Janice Chow, Global Communications Manager with Animal Health at Bayer

Bayer has a unique position to contribute to fighting these diseases at many different levels. We have expertise in human, animal and plant health, and we combine forces across divisions to achieve further progress by preventing causes and providing cures. At Bayer, we are committed to mobilizing science to improve people’s lives. And we are confident: Scientific innovation is working in our favor.

Beyond this, communication is key to raise awareness, understanding and, ultimately, to make a difference for patients worldwide. We need to share knowledge, scientific progress and perspectives. With this magazine, we aim to foster this dialogue. This magazine is a collaborative effort, featuring many experts who contribute content and thus jointly bring this topic onto the public agenda.

Please help share this magazine! Great things can be accomplished when we all unite behind a common goal. We hope this magazine will be a reference for collaboration, exchange and progress in this important area of Public Health.


“At Bayer, we are passionate about public health and we work across divisions to make the idea of ‘One World, One Health’ come true. This is our aim as a group and also as individuals. We each bring the deepest personal passion and commitment to improving public health.”

Diana Scholz, Head of Communications with Environmental Science at Bayer


Team Spirit: The cross-divisional working group within Bayer is passionate and dedicated to help people who are at risk or who suffer from neglected tropical diseases and malaria.




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